Mika Postcard

Combining traditional and modern communication methods. Mika brings you a unique gift: a postcard made of bamboo wood, with a photo printed on one side and love words on the other. The back has a magnet so you can fold it into a real-life Instagram Wall.

  • Backside

    Write your own words, send words of love. Or Mika can print directly onto wood for you

  • Front

    Mika knows that you have a lot of pictures capturing beautiful moments on your phone. You can easily upload, Mika will print the image on the wooden surface for you

Instructions for placing postcards

Modern connection

With social networks and instant messaging, humans can now connect with each other faster than ever before. However, paradoxically, when that happens, the deep connection gradually fades.

To solve this problem, Mika remembered old postcards, and thought about how to take a new approach but still retain this beauty. So Mika Postcard was born

Types of Postcards

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Capture the moment

Telling stories

Need for connection

People always need to find meaningful connections in life. Telling your story through images is one of the first forms of connecting with each other. Prehistoric cliff paintings are a prime example of this basic need.

Give words of love

Handwritten postcard

After forming spoken and written language, people began to have more unique forms to connect with each other. Among them, the form that Mika loves the most is handwritten postcards. Before there were computers and the internet, our parents and grandparents lovingly exchanged words of love in their own handwriting.