FAQs - Frequently asked questions

What material are Mika coasters made of?
Mika coasters are made of unglazed ceramic, fired and pressed under a secret temperature and pressure to create coasters with perfect water absorption.

Where are Mika coasters manufactured?
Mika coasters are researched and designed in Vietnam, ordered and processed in Vietnam, Thailand, China, printed in Saigon with Japanese printing technology and sold all over the world. Similar to Apple, we are an international company.

How to wash Mika coasters?
To ensure absorption quality. Coasters should be washed every 2 weeks. Mix 1 part soap with 3 parts water, use a brush or cotton wool to clean until the stain is gone, then rinse and dry.

Do Mika coasters get stained?
Mika coasters do not stain or mold. But like any other material that can absorb liquids such as fabric, paper, wood: coasters will be stained if dark colored water falls on the coasters.

Mika coasters don't absorb water anymore?
The coaster absorbs water thanks to the tiny cavities in the coaster. Sometimes dust will stick to the coaster and cover the cavities on the coaster's surface, causing it to no longer absorb water. To treat, you just need to wash the coaster with warm water. Mix 1 part soap with 3 parts water, use a brush or cotton wool to gently wipe the surface. Then let the coaster dry overnight.

Will Mika coasters scratch your table?
Mika coasters are attached with a layer of oak wood on the bottom. Has the function of preventing scratches on the table surface and anti-slip surface.

Can I use a dishwasher to wash Mika coasters?
Mika coasters are not designed for dishwasher use. High temperatures in the washing machine will peel off the oak layer on the bottom surface.

Does the ink printed on Mika coasters fade?
Mika uses Japan's most advanced printing technology. With ink that meets all Japanese safety standards. We use the same ink that Samsung Vina uses to print on their phones. Printed content will last forever.